Our Promise

Delivering Integrity and Reliable Service for your Logistical Needs

We Match Carriers to You

Freight Shipping

Whether your cargo will fill full truckload or a fraction of a truckload, Nationwide Solutions, Inc. will match your load to the perfect carrier for the job.

We tailor to you

Customized Freight

We carefully tailor our freight management services and strategies to serve your unique needs, streamlining your company’s entire freight management process.

Seamless Logistics

Wholesale Sanitizing Solutions

We provide seamless logistics services for Residential and Commercial customers.


Why Haul with Us

Your Reliable Source for Loads Nationwide

At Nationwide, we understand that you have nearly endless options for third-party logistics providers and that is why we have gone out of our way to treat our carriers with the utmost respect, honesty, and integrity. Continue reading below for more information about why we are confident you will not find a better carrier experience anywhere else in the country.

Get Paid Fast

We offer our incredibly fast payment options and also have Internet-based documentation submission technology, enabling our carriers to send their transport to our accounting staff immediately on the go.

Serving Carriers with Dedication, Integrity, and Honesty

Nationwide takes our carrier relationships very seriously, and we recognize that our drivers are the source of our business’s success. That’s why we approach serving all of our carriers with integrity, honest communication, dedication, and attention to detail. Our goal is to ensure the best carrier experience in the industry and give our excellent carriers a reliable source of cargo and support.

We provide seamless logistics services with superior technology, extensive experience, passion, and cost-effective shipping solutions.